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*BECO BABY CARRIER Inc. ships within USA & Canada only (except for REPLACEMENT PARTS, please contact our Customer Service). Please, visit one of our many retailers who ship outside of the country. Also, make sure to visit our STORE LOCATOR for list of INTERNATIONAL RETAILERS.

Returns Shipping: All returns are processed with a prepaid Fedex Label from Beco.

New unused items: You can return all products within 90 days of purchase for a full refund.

Exchanges of new unused items: You can exchange all products within 90 days of purchase.

Defective and Flawed items:

What is covered under the first year warranty:

  • Parts and materials including flawed or irregular printed fabric, webbing, buckles and snaps.
  • Defective workmanship i.e. unraveling seams or missing snaps.

What is not covered under the first year warranty:

  • Damages which arise from negligence, misuse or use not in accordance with the product instructions
  • Beco products purchased from unauthorized retailers, or as second hand items
  • Fading color due to sun or washing.

WITHIN USA: Beco Baby Carrier warrants the products against defect in material and workmanship. We stand behind our products and will replace for free products purchased from our authorized retailer during the first year. Proof of purchase necessary.

INTERNATIONAL: Beco Baby Carrier warrants the products against defect in material and workmanship. We stand behind our products and will either repair or replace products purchased from our authorized retailer during the first year. Proof of purchase necessary. Shipping fees both ways are covered by the customer.

Please contact our customer service at and let us know what is wrong with your Beco Carrier. We will be happy to help get your carrier repaired or replaced.

Machine wash with mild detergent on delicate cycle. Air dry carrier. Spot clean as needed. Please avoid frequent washing.

Over the past months, we have noticed a number of unauthorized sellers of counterfeit Beco Baby Carrier products. No warranty protection is offered with respect to counterfeit products.


Definition: A counterfeit Beco Baby Carrier product is any imitation or fake product made with the intent to deceive you into believing it to be genuine Beco Baby Carrier product. Our goal is to help you to be aware of how to avoid purchasing counterfeit Beco Baby Carriers and products that are being sold to unsuspecting buyers as genuine Beco Baby Carrier products.


When it comes to baby carriers or any other product, especially those claiming to be baby products, counterfeits could seriously endanger your baby or your health with inferior materials and workmanship. Consumer identities are often stolen and goods that were paid for are often not delivered. Counterfeiters have been connected to gang activity and terrorism, among other crimes. It’s criminal—and buying these products fuels these indefensible practices.

Counterfeiters hurt legitimate business owners as well as the overall economy because they do not pay taxes nor do they provide fair wages or benefits to their employees. Counterfeiters are not accountable to human rights and environmental regulations. Counterfeiters don’t adhere to child labor laws, anti-sweatshop laws, or restricted substances laws, putting both workers and the environment at risk. Fundamental human rights of workers employed by counterfeiters, such as basic safety and health precautions, are often compromised or entirely ignored, creating a work environment that is safe for no one.


GENERAL PURCHASING GUIDELINES to Avoid Purchasing Beco Baby Carrier Counterfeits. The following are some guidelines to help you avoid counterfeits.

Purchase Only From Authorized Retailers, whether online or in-store. To ensure you purchase only genuine Beco Baby Carrier products, please remember that we maintain an official distribution network of Authorized Retailers and Authorized Online Retailers:

Beco Baby Carrier Official Website:

Beco Baby Carrier

Beco Baby Carrier Authorized Retailers:

Store Locator

Beco Baby Carrier SECONDS & RETURNS Authorized Retailer:


All Authorized Retailers

2. Be cautious when purchasing from street vendors, flea markets, and unauthorized retail locations or at “purse parties.” Beco Baby Carrier genuine products are offered through official retail channels. Unfortunately, Beco Baby Carrier Customer Service cannot verify, confirm, or assist your purchase through individuals in person or on sites such as eBay, Craigslist, or other online auction or trade boards, as we support purchases only through our Authorized Retailer lists. If you choose to purchase from non-authorized retailers, you are purchasing at your own risk, and those products are not valid for warranty or support.

3. Beware of products that seem flimsy or are obviously poorly made. We take great pride in providing the highest quality Beco Baby Carrier products. Quality control is often absent in counterfeiting operations, so you may be able to spot a counterfeit simply based on its workmanship.

4. Inspect the packaging carefully. Beco Baby Carrier takes great care in packaging our products. Counterfeiters often don’t want to spend the time to reproduce every detail, so they’ll likely leave some of this detail off. Beware of flimsy packaging, packaging with substandard printing or running colors, or packages that appear to have been opened. In addition, take a moment to actually read the package. Spelling or grammatical errors are common on the packaging for counterfeit goods. Beco Baby Carrier product labels and boxes have significant information printed on them, including bar codes, trademark and patent information and recycling symbols.

5. Match the packaging to the product. Does the packaging exactly match the product? Some careless counterfeiters will not provide the proper product aligned with the box. It may not be this obvious, so also check model numbers on the packaging against the model number of the Beco Baby Carrier.

6. Be vigilant when buying abroad. U.S. Customs officials have the authority to confiscate counterfeit products upon re-entry into the United States. While many international businesses offer unique products that may seem similar to legitimate Beco Baby Carrier products, in certain foreign markets counterfeit and pirated products are even more prevalent than in the United States. Also, when shopping on international websites, look for trusted vendors that use identifiable privacy and security safeguards and have legitimate addresses.

7. Trust your instincts. As always, beware of a purchase that is ”too good to be true.” If you are uncomfortable with the circumstances of your purchase—such as price, venue, lack of a sales receipt or warranty information, or, most importantly, a vendor’s unwillingness to answer simple questions about the source of the products for sale—use your common sense and walk away.


Products purchased through our authorized Internet or retail store distribution channels provides you with outstanding customer service, a thirty-day trial period (for undamaged product returns) and warranty service and protections which may not be available when purchasing through unauthorized distributors. If you are in doubt, or have any concerns about any supplier, please contact Beco Baby Carrier.

Customer Service



Any Beco Baby Carrier is one size carrier and will fit most parents between 5 and 6 feet, babies newborn to toddler (7-35lbs for the Gemini, 20-60lbs for the Toddler, 7-35 for the Ring Sling).

Care Instructions

Wash on DELICATE/WARM cycle with a mild detergent. Hang dry in well ventilated area or tumble dry on low and remove when seams are still damp. Spot clean when needed. Do not wash frequently.

As with any type of baby carrier, always inspect your Beco Baby Carrier for damage before using and follow all instructions. Never perform any task that could be dangerous with your child in the Beco Baby Carrier. Use common sense! Always double check that the buckles are connected properly. Never unbuckle the waist belt while the baby is in the carrier. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that the Manufacturer or Distributor accepts no responsibility for injury/damage due to the use/misuse of this product. Your child’s safety is your responsibility. Be sure you have help getting your baby into and out of the Beco Baby Carrier until you become comfortable with it. If you are starting out with babywearing, do so over a soft surface such as a bed, sofa or carpeted floor covered with a blanket.

Please observe the following while wearing your baby:
Please support your baby with a hand or two while you and your baby are getting used to the sling. You and your baby will become more comfortable in time and you’ll be able to free one or both of your hands. Please, DON’T GIVE UP! Babywearing takes practice just like all other parenting tasks. You can make the process easier by making sure that baby is fed, rested and happy before you try the carrier the first few times. Also, be sure to pull the top rim of fabric up to cover the entire back of your baby to avoid a “backdive.” Never wear your baby when cycling or riding in the car. While cooking at the stove, use only back carry position. A sling doesn’t substitute for a car seat. When bending, please bend at the knees, not at the waist, and hold the baby with one hand while reaching with the other. Never drink HOT beverages when wearing baby, although your sling will come handy for eating, especially in restaurants.

Helps Babies Grow and Thrive
Most mammals are born with four legs and literally “hit the floor running.” Their gestational period ends with their first breath. Human babies are born less developed and naturally have higher needs at birth. Your baby’s gestational period doesn’t end at birth, but rather continues for many months. Because of this, nurturing the child to adapt to life outside the womb becomes essential in order to properly regulate your baby’s systems.

Slings will extend the womb experience and provide a home base of sorts for your newborn. While in the womb, your baby’s systems were organized on autoplay. The baby experiences the parent’s rhythmic walk, heart beat and breathing while they are worn, and these act as a pacemaker of sorts which remind the baby to organize and pattern her own functions with yours. Babywearing in a sling provides comfort and regulation and adds to the security and warmth so that your infant can focus her energies on positive growth.

Reduces Infant Mortality, SIDS
This is especially true for the premature babies, as mortality rates decrease by as much as 70% when premature newborns are worn in a sling. The enormous benefits a sling provides to a premature baby were first discovered accidentally by a care specialist in South Africa. Unable to offer technological incubators, they used the moms and secured their babies to them with a sling-like wrap creating an “exterior womb.” To everyone’s amazement; the premature infants that were worn throughout most of the day thrived and grew just as well, and sometimes even better, as the incubated infants.

Soothes Crying and Colic
Research shows that babies worn for at least 3 hours a day cry 43% less during the day and 51% less at night. Babywearing is an ideal preventative measure for more peaceful days and nights.

Encourages Mental Development
Since worn babies spend less time crying and trying to soothe themselves, they are freed (in their state of quiet alertness) to observe more and to positively interact more. Carried babies are more intimately involved in their parent’s world and are more engaged in what is going on around them. They socialize better since they are carried at eye level instead of sitting at knee level, like in a stroller. The brain is stimulated by the inclusion provided by babywearing and therefore is encouraged to grow and develop. Scientific evidence shows that carried babies demonstrate advanced speech development and enhanced visual and auditory alertness.

Reduces Incidence of Post-Partum Depression
Studies shows that Post-Partum Depression is much less common among mothers who frequently wear their infants. The reason is not entirely known but many speculate that it may be because of a hormonal stimulation baby-wearing provides and because worn babies cry much less.

Better Bonding = Easier Discipline
The deeper the connection between a parent and child, the easier discipline will be in the future. Wearing your infant in a sling is a bonding investment that enhances the connection between you and your baby. Credible research comparing well-connected children with poorly-connected children brings to light that connected children are more secure, settled, trusting, sociable, positive, adaptable, confident, considerate, co-operative, willing to share, empathetic, sensitive, affectionate, persistent, and eager to learn.

Other Key Benefits
Carrying your baby in a sling allows for your hands to be free in order to go about daily tasks. Baby carriers are extremely helpful during times when using a stroller would be inconvenient – such as up stairs, through large crowds, narrow aisleways, or over rough terrain. It is also helpful when frequently transferring to and from the car. It is much easier to slip on a sling than to drag out and unfold the stroller. Baby carrier put your baby at the height of people’s faces instead of at their knees therefore encouraging social interactions and development. Unlike other frontpacks, slings are useful from infancy through toddlerhood, when little legs get tired of walking.

The wide-set position of your child’s legs is actually very comfortable and even healthy. It is also how your baby spent many weeks in the womb- knees bent, hips spread open. In the end, the ultimate rule of thumb is how your baby acts. If your little one is snuggled up close to you or Mom, sleeping or very content, you can be assured that he is comfortable and happy. As I’m sure you know, our babies can tell us when they are unhappy!

All of our products are adjustable so you can breastfeed while wearing your baby. Adjustable straps on our soft structured carriers make a discreet breastfeeding possible anywhere you go. You can also adjust the fabric in the ring sling to allow you to breastfeed your little one.



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